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Before we start, what's your name and where are you from? You can be as specific or as general as you like :-) *

What percentage of total funds are raised in the first 3 days and the last 3 days of a typical crowdfunding campaign? *

Correct! Starting and ending strong are crucial to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Not quite. 80% of funds is the correct answer. The first and last 3 days are oh so critical to the success of a crowdfunding campaign.

What's a good length for an engaging crowdfunding video? *

More than 3 minutes? That's too long! Between 1-3 minutes is just right, like this video:

Right on! Even more important, the first 10 seconds of any video make the biggest impression. Like this one:

What's the best way to secure contributions to a crowdfunding campaign? *

Of course! Most people won't want to donate unless they're called upon so make sure to ask them personally.

Unfortunately, few will come across your project unless you direct them to it. It's important to get personal and reach out to your network!

Beware of mass sharing! Social media creates a bystander effect where people assume that someone else will donate. It's important to get personal!

Projects with teams tend to raise how much more or less than projects without teams? *

Indeed! Having team members always helps with sharing responsibility. Plus, it makes crowdfunding more fun!

Nope! Projects with teams usually raise twice as much because sharing the responsibility makes crowdfunding more effective and fun!

How many pictures does an effective pitch contain? *

Yes! Having 1 picture for every 1-2 paragraphs will keep the average reader engaged when they come across a crowdfunding project.

That leaves too much room for text! Remember, the average donor won't spend too much time reading, so having 1 picture for every 1-2 paragraphs will keep them more engaged.

Up to how many requests does it often take before someone decides to donate? *

Even more than that! The average donor will need to be contacted up to 7 times before a donation is made. Repetition is key!

Superb! It often takes up to 7 requests before a donor decides to contribute. Persistence is essential!

What's the most important piece of text within a pitch? *

Nicely done! The first header and paragraph are critical because that might be the only piece of text that the average donor reads, so reel them in!

Incorrect, most donors will only read the first paragraph and header so it's critical to make your pitch convincing within those few lines of text.

When does a successful strategy for a crowdfunding campaign start? *

Way to be proactive! Mapping out your network and having an outreach plan prior to launching your campaign will set you up for a strong start. After all, the crowd comes before the funds!

Too late! The best strategies are formed prior to launch, which allows project creators to map out their network and have an outreach plan throughout the campaign. Remember, the crowd comes before the funds!

What's a good range of rewards to offer to incentivize donors? *

Right on the money! 5-7 rewards provide a nice range of amounts to donate. Remember, rewards can either offer something in return or highlight the impact for each donation.

5-7 rewards is more like it! This gives a good range of amounts for people to donate. Rewards can also consist of incentives for people to donate or descriptions that highlight the impact of each donation.

On a scale of 1-5, with 1 being "Very Little" and 5 being "A Whole Lot," how much more do you now know about crowdfunding? *

Thank you for taking our Crowdfunding 101 quiz! You answered {{var_score}} out of 9 questions correctly. We can't wait to pair you up with one of our personal project coaches :-)
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Thank you for taking our Crowdfunding 101 quiz! You answered {{var_score}} out of 9 questions correctly. Our project coaches will give you the tools you need to succeed :-)
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Thank you for taking our Crowdfunding 101 quiz! You answered {{var_score}} out of 9 questions correctly. Don't worry, our project coaches are here to set you up for success :-)
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